Pride of Austin Capital Partners, LLC (POACP) is your direct hard money source for commercial and residential loans. POACP brokers loans to a mortgage pool security that is managed by POACP. We are committed to be easily accessible and available to participating brokers. If you are a broker and would like to broker a loan to POACP please understand the following guidelines:

  1. When submitting a loan package to POACP please include your fee agreement signed by your client. It is imperative that your client is aware that even though you have referred their loan request to POACP that you, as their originating broker, will be compensated. POACP will honor all fee agreements submitted by a broker.

  3. If a loan package is submitted without a fee agreement signed by the borrower then POACP will protect the referring broker with 25% of the net fee earned by POACP when the loan is funded. This is a default mechanism that protects brokers in the event they were not able to negotiate a fee agreement with their client. Many brokers find this arrangement satisfactory in that they have hands off approach to a file once they refer a borrower and are content with a referral fee.

  5. Once a Letter of Interest is signed POACP will have direct access to the borrower(s) and all brokers will be kept in the communication loop. POACP finds that by communicating directly with the borrower(s) loan packages are brought together more quickly and closing and funding occurs more quickly.

  7. Please review our fee schedule and click here. These fees are non-refundable.

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  • For Investors

    Our excellent reputation and real estate experience allow Pride of Austin Capital Partners to return higher yield - lower risk returns on investments. The nature of our investment vehicle that we manage allows us to offer a higher level of liquidity than customary trust deed investments.

  • For Borrowers

    Pride of Austin Capital Partners provides hard money lending for those residential and commercial borrowers that do not meet the stringent requirements of traditional loan underwriting. Borrowers can feel confident that no matter what their financial situation their loan submission will be treated with respect and dignity.

  • Custom Homes

    Pride of Austin Homes, LLC. specializes in building custom homes and remodeling homes in central Austin. Our custom homes are designed for those who enjoy the urban lifestyle and the convenience of being near downtown Austin.